S. Kumar's Mahesh PU College aims to help Science students achieve success in their exams, through a structured programme prepared by a well-qualified faculty. The professors endeavour to inculcate a love for learning in students and empower them to face the challenges of life. Class Guides monitor the progress of students and implement various strategies to provide proper guidance, depending on individual capabilities of students. To prepare the students to gain entry into professional courses, special coaching is provided to all students for all competitive exams including NEET and CET & JEE (Main).

Class Room

Comfortable annd spacious classrooms provide a favourable environment for learning.


Science Laboratories

S. Kumar's Mahesh PU College has well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology students. With a small batch size, the institution not only offers personalised attention, but also ensures that every student gets access to modern technology. The laboratories are upgraded to meet the demands of the new CBSE curriculum.


Computer Lab

The institution has a well-equipped computer laboratory and systems with modern hardware configurations and also ensures that every student makes the most of the available modern technology.



The college library has a wide collection of books to meet the requirements of the new CBSE syllabus. It subscribes to varied magazines, journals and newspapers.



S. Kumar's Mahesh PU College provides transportation facilities for students.