Student Zone

    • Personal Integrity - This is expected of all students who attend Mahesh PU College. They should be honest and forthright in their dealings with others. Lying is not acceptable. Students found guilty of lying or falsifying official documents, especially to avoid disciplinary action, will be liable for suspension.
    • Students are to follow the dress code and maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance.
    • Students are expected to treat all staff and other students with respect.
    • Swearing and offensive language is unacceptable.
    • Bullying or ragging is unacceptable.
    • Students must behave with courtesy and in a manner that reflects well on the College.
    • Students should be regular in attendance, tests and exams. If not, they will not be given permission to attend the final exams.
    • Parents, please note that a student is admitted to the College for one year only. He/She will be re-admitted only if the College authorities are satisfied with his/her progress.