About Us

Mr. Manjunath S - Area Head


Mr. Manjunath S He has 10 years of experience in an education domain as well as in administration level and He has rendered his services as a manager in different esteemed institutions. He has trained and counselled many students with respect to choose their right career.


Mr. Suresh Kumar Patil - Principal


Mr. Suresh Kumar Patil is a Postgraduate in Physics from Gulbarga University, Gulbarga and M.Phil. in Research studies with Mossbauer Spectrometer from Gulbarga University Gulbarga under the guidance of Dr.M.T Lagare, He has 18 years of experience in teaching Physics at various levels and also has been the Principal for 3 years at National Composite PU College, Bidar. He has trained students at various institutions for competitive exams like CET & AIEEE.



Mr. Vivekananda Joshi - Administration Manager


He has got 8 years of experience in an administration and has got very high knowledge in an education field along with counseling skill to direct the student in right path.