About Us

Mahesh Pre-University College values Integrity, Mentoring, Trust, Teamwork, Innovation and Pro-Excellence.



We continuously strive to provide best educational services to our students and be the best in the education sector. We attract the most talented employees by being the preferred employer in our industry. We take responsibility for our actions, always strive towards improving ourselves by analyzing our actions, results, thinking of the big picture.



We constantly coach our team members / individual employees on various aspects of academic/ functional areas.



We constantly adapt to the changing environment and listen to our student’s aspirations / needs and help them excel. Our work culture is a positive influence on our personal lives and the lives of our families.



We constantly build an organization culture which germinates team culture & generates team vision for aiding development of systems & process that nurtures team working by identifying & utilizing individual capabilities.



We celebrate creativity. We do not accept the status quo and continuously ask of our colleagues, and ourselves “how can we improve?” We develop sustainable operations which meaningfully improves the experience of a large number of stakeholders.


Pro- Excellence

We constantly develop a sense of comfort level within the organization & departments to try out newer process, experiment with ideas, believing in its people, developing an attitude which is conducive for continuous improvement within the organization.



News & Events

Robomate+ inauguration by Mr. Kimmane Ratnakar, Education Minister, Karnataka

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